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Versatility is a beautiful thing.

You’ve never seen or worked with a brick quite like this before. Authintic Brick by Meridian™ Brick is the exciting new way to transform your home or business in ways you never thought possible. Authintic Brick is made from real fired clay brick, yet it’s also light and versatile. It can be easily installed on virtually any existing wall surface. With Authintic Brick, transform any space with a cool new look or accent to create an impression that lasts a lifetime.

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Home Designer's Experience
Hear a home designer's experience using Authintic Brick and what she learned during the process.

About Meridian Brick

Founded in 2016 through a joint venture between two of North America's most respected brickmaking organizations, Meridian™ Brick brings together decades of industry experience from Boral Bricks and Forterra Brick to produce high quality products at an affordable price through an extensive manufacturing and distribution network. Meridian Brick serves construction organizations and suppliers throughout the United States and Canada.

Real Brick. Real Thin. Right There.